Cocktail Recipes



35ml Toussaint
15ml Martini Rosso
2 dashes lemon bitters

METHOD: Stir and serve up in a chilled 2oz apertif glass

GLASS: 2oz apertif glass

GARNISH: lemon twist discard


Héros Haïtien


20ml Toussaint
25ml Dubbonet
25ml Campari

METHOD: Stirred with ice

GLASS: Rocks

GARNISH: Wedge Orange.


CAP Haïtien


25ml Toussaint
20ml Skipper Rum
20ml Aged Caribbean Rum (e.g. Appleton VX)
3 x drops Orange Bitters

METHOD: Stirred with ice.

GLASS: Rocks Glass.

ICE: Rocks.

GARNISH: Orange Twist


+509 Ice Tea


25ml Toussaint
100ml Peach Iced Tea
5-6 mint leaves

METHOD: Build in the glass and churn before crowning with more ice and garnishing.

GLASS: 14oz Hi-Ball.

ICE: Crushed.

GARNISH: Mint Sprig and Grapefruit Twist Spears.


White Russian No. 2


25ml Toussaint
25ml Cognac
50ml Coconut Water
5ml Milk
3 dashes Bitters (preffered brand Bob’s Abbott’s)
12.5ml Egg White

METHOD: Dry shake, then cold shake.

GLASS: Cocktail Glass/ Martini.

ICE: No ice in the glass.

GARNISH: Three coffee beans on surface of drink.


Port-au-Prince Julep


35ml Toussaint
25ml Bourbon
2.5ml Gomme Syrup
6 mint leaves

METHOD: Gently press the mint into the bottom of the julep cup with the flat end of a bar spoon, then manipulate the mint debris round the inside of the cup, then discard, leaving a julep cup seasoned with fresh mint.  

Next half fill the cup with crushed ice and add all ingredients.  
Then cram as much cracked ice into the cup as you can fit garnish with plentiful mint sprigs and two straws, arranged in such a fashion that the mint tickles the nose of whomever is using the straws.

GLASS: Mint Julep Cup.

ICE: Crushed

GARNISH: Mint Sprigs and a dusting of powdered sugar.


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