More Espresso,
Less Sugar.


Toussaint Coffee Rum Liqueur is inspired by the history and landscape of Haiti, the motherland of the revolutionary Toussaint L’Ouverture. For hundreds of years, Haiti has harvested coffee and sugar, first on the French-owned plantations and then throughout the country, by the free people of the land.

Toussaint Coffee Rum Liqueur is made from a base of aged Caribbean rum, created with sugar which is harvested, distilled and aged in oak casks, and the finest Arabica coffee. The rum creates a sweet, woody, tobacco base balanced with the rich espresso notes from the coffee. Just a touch of sugar is added to deliver an authentic espresso flavour.



The coffee is selected from the finest blends of Arabica coffee, which is considered the best-tasting coffee in the world. This gives a rich espresso aroma with earthy and chocolate notes and a bittersweet taste.



Rum is crafted across the Caribbean, made from molasses and the sugar cane harvested on the islands. Toussaint uses Caribbean rum which has been aged for three years in oak casks, giving a rich and rounded caramel flavour, balanced with spicy wood and tobacco.

Real Espresso Taste



Rich espresso coffee notes up front balanced with background sweet fruity notes of coffee. Subtle hint of aged rum comes through.



A smooth opening with warming notes of coffee and chocolate filling up the mouth with a light spicy finish



Lasting dry finish, with lingering notes of espresso and a delicate sweetness

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